Hack your mind and reprogram it into who you are meant to be!

I used to have really bad anxiety... I was always worrying. I never wanted to go out in public or even attend family events...

Actually, I used to have anxiety so bad that every time I walked by someone in my workplace or on the street I would purposely turn a different direction to avoid feeling more anxious.

I would procrastinate for weeks before making phone calls to people I hadn't met before.

I had constant fear and anxiety about so many things that I began to feel like a hermit. I didn't want to leave the house or do anything.

My wife and I would get into fights because I just wanted to stay home all the time.

Then one day it hit me...

I started to realize that this wasn't the life that I wanted to live. I saw everyone else enjoying their life, so why can't I?

I wanted to change and start living life to the fullest

I started researching all the different methods and tools I had learned throughout my years in the Marine Corps, different books, and the countless hours I spent in counseling and different types of therapy sessions.

Then it finally hit me. I had a revelation, an ah-ha moment. 

It was like a flood of memories and ideas that came rushing into my brain.

It became clear to me why I thought and behaved the way I did, and I knew exactly how to change it. 

I used the methods in this revelation on myself and to my surprise, it worked!!! It was like a giant weight had lifted off of me! I felt like a new person. 

I immediately started sharing these tips and methods with other people and began to help set them free as well!

I learned how to hack and reprogram my brain back to the way it’s meant to be. I found out that our unconscious mind is like a computer program running in the background.

You can have good programs that cause you to think and behave in a normal and healthy way.


You can have a virus-type program that runs in the background causing you to think and behave in a negative and unhealthy way. One of these virus-type program names is anxiety!

I created this virtual program called Boot Camp for the Mind using the different methods I found, including from an ancient book written over 2000 years ago. 

I have been able to help people all over the world using these methods, including myself.

I spent about 6 months putting this program together online so that people can hack and reprogram their minds from the comfort of their own homes.


I am offering you my full program to help you overcome Anxiety and many other issues you might be facing right now.


This offer is only going to be available until August 9th, 2021. After that, I am going to bring the price back up to the full cost.


I just launched the full program and need people like you to help get the bugs out. It worked for me and other people, but not everyone thinks alike. I need your help to see if their are any parts in the program that might not make sense to everyone.

There are actually 3 different parts to the program that focuses on different areas of your life. Each of these programs costs $89. I’m giving you two of them for free and knocking $22 off the third one!

Mental Boot Camp + Fear Edition

Overcome issues with Fear:
Including Anxiety, PTSD, Panic Disorders, Low Self Esteem &

Self Confidence, etc.

Price: $89

Mental Boot Camp + Risk Edition

Overcome issues with Risk:
Including Excessive Failure, Never Trying, Excessive Risk, etc

Price: $89

Mental Boot Camp + Pride & Humility Edition

Overcome issues with Pride & Humility:
Including identifying and overcoming

Excessive Pride or Excessive Humility, etc.

Price: $89

In order to get this offer, you have to do just one thing… 

All I ask of you is to think about other people as you go through the program. If you see any parts that are difficult or hard to get, just let me know so I can make it easier for other people to understand. 




One last thing…


Don’t worry, if the program isn’t a great fit for you, I’ll refund your money. 


That shouldn’t be a problem for you though because you are an overcomer. I know this because overcomers are the ones that seek out if they even have a problem (i.e. anxiety test!). That’s who this program is designed for, people that want to change! 

Go ahead and sign up now before this audit period ends and the price increases!

Your Special Offer Until August 9th

Full Program

You get the Full program that includes each if the $89 programs:
Fear, Risk, and Pride & Humility Editions

Normal Price: $267

Your Price: $67

I have never seen or heard about such programs in India!


I got an opportunity to do the Boot Camp for the Mind program. First I was thinking that it’s a simple online book. Just to read and know the information. But as I started reading the way it’s structured it changed me. It is designed to give life-changing results. I have never seen or heard about such programs in India! It has blessed and helped me to renew my life. Outwardly I am fit but there were so many issues in me. This program helped me to know the weaknesses of my life. I had been fearing for very small matters, I was getting angry for every small mistake that I found in others. I had no patience for anything, I was expecting things to happen instantly. But this program helped me to overcome all this. Now I am free from all these mental issues which were in me. I will be continuously practicing this. So that I can live a victorious life. I strongly encourage all of you to take this program. It will 100 % change you. You will be able to overcome all the struggles/issues that you are going through!

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