PTSD Results

Thank you for taking the PTSD Test. Based on your response you may have a low level of risk for PTSD. You scored between 0 and 3.

Low Risk 0-3
Mild Risk 4-10
Moderate Risk 11-25
High Risk 26- 35
Very High Risk 36-45

Scores in this range are indicative of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These results do not mean you have PTSD, but based on your responses, you have answered similar to those that have been diagnosed with PTSD.

Based on your answers, living with these symptoms is likely causing many problems in your daily life and may also negatively impact your work, home, and social life as well. Please note that many symptoms associated with PTSD are also symptoms of anxiety and depression.

I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with PTSD. I know how it feels… I struggled with Anxiety and PTSD for years!

If you have about 2 minutes, I’d like to tell you my story.

My name is Lucas. I am a Marine Corps veteran that struggled with anxiety and PTSD.

I was always anxious and worried about different things. I never wanted to go out in public or even attend family events. Actually, I used to have anxiety so bad that every time I walked by someone in my workplace or on the street I would purposely turn in a different direction to avoid feeling more anxious.

I would procrastinate for weeks before making phone calls to people I hadn’t met before. I had constant fear and anxiety about so many things that I began to feel like a hermit. I didn’t want to leave the house or do anything. My wife and I would get into fights because I just wanted to stay home all the time.

I felt weak and a failure to my family because I couldn’t go out and have fun with them like every other normal husband would. I knew I was holding them back.

I finally got fed up with this way of life and decided to do something about it.

I started researching all the different methods and tools I had learned throughout my years in the Marine Corps, different books, and the countless hours I spent in counseling and different types of therapy sessions.

Then it finally hit me. I had a revelation, an ah-ha moment. 

It was like a flood of memories and ideas that came rushing into my brain. It became clear to me why I thought and behaved the way I did, and I knew exactly how to change it. 

I used the methods in this revelation on myself and to my surprise, it worked!!! It was like a giant weight had lifted off of me! I felt like a new person.

I immediately started sharing these tips and methods with other people and began to help set them free as well!

I learned how to hack and reprogram my brain back to the way it’s meant to be. I found out that our unconscious mind is like a computer program running in the background.

You can have good programs that cause you to think and behave in a normal and healthy way.


You can have a virus-type program that runs in the background causing you to think and behave in a negative and unhealthy way. One of these virus-type program names is anxiety!

I created this program called Boot Camp for the Mind using the different methods I found, including from an ancient book written over 2000 years ago and my revelation.  I have been able to help people all over the world using these methods, including myself.

I spent about 6 months putting this program online so that people can hack and reprogram their minds from the comfort of their own homes. All they need is an internet connection. It has step by step videos to reprogram and hack your mind and worksheet exercises to push yourself past your limits to overcome small issues in order to trick your brain into overcoming large issues.

I want to share this program with you to help you overcome Anxiety and other issues you might be facing right now.

Here’s what you will get

  1. Education – why you get anxiety, PTSD, and other disorders
  2. Education – how to overcome anxiety, PTSD, and other disorders
  3. Step by step instructions – how to reprogram your brain to overcome PTSD for a long-term solution
  4. Step by step instructions – how to stop yourself from getting PTSD and other disorders again in the future
  5. Tips and tricks – to overcome other issues that people commonly face, such as toxic thoughts and insecurities
  6. Exercises – that will shift your brain from being a victim to being an overcomer
  7. All of the above – for Anxiety, PTSD, Insecurities, marriage issues, self-esteem issues, failure, and much more

Extra Benefits

  1. Gain a new understanding of how your childhood can affect your current thoughts and behaviors.
  2. Gain a new understanding on how to be more successful in any area of life
  3. Have more self-confidence, patience, and wisdom
  4. It Will Change The Way You See The World

I actually have 3 different programs that help different areas of your life. I am going to give you two of them for free and give you a major discount on the third.

I normally charge $89 for each and $267 for the full program.

I am going to give you the full program for only $67, but you need to sign up right away before the offer expires.

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