I created Boot Camp for the Mind to better myself in order to be a good example to my family and those under my leadership. My goal in life is to be able to control my thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. I started learning about beliefs and toxic thinking when I joined the U.S. Marine Corps boot camp. I had a hard time because of a belief I had. Once I changed the belief, everything changed. I became a better Marine and performed at a much higher level.

This was the start of my quest to be able to control my mind. This may seem like a silly statement, but if you really think about it we are slaves to our mind. Some people don’t like bugs, can’t eat certain foods, or are afraid of heights. These barriers tell you that these people can’t control their minds, at least in these areas.

Thoughts and beliefs are like vapors, they have no substance and can come and go in an instant. They can also be like a machine, where they control you either for good or bad. We are as weak or powerful as we allow ourselves to be through our thoughts and beliefs.

I started this program for myself, but as I got going I realized it could help a lot of people along the way. I want to be completely fearless in all areas and have the ability to do whatever I want to, while operating in wisdom, love, compassion, and boldness. I believe others want the same thing, even if they haven’t thought about it.

Please join me in my quest by enrolling in Boot Camp for the Mind! You won’t be disappointed.